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Monday, January 13, 2014



Honoring Guardians 
Of Settlement In Judea

By Tim Boxer
TATE Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who led a group of his Brooklyn constituents to Gaza to support the settlers who refuse to budge from their homes, told me he’s making plans for another trip.
“I’m taking hundreds from all over the United States. We’ll arrive in Israel on June 6, the anniversary of the Six Day War. We’ll camp in Kissufim, just outside of Gaza.
“Jews should not be forced to abandon their homes. If there will be peace, and Arabs should live together.”
And what happens if the military stop you from entering the region?
“That would be pathetic,” he said.
Hikind was one of a multitude of speakers at a benefit at the Puck Building in New York for Beitar, a settlement located between Jerusalem and Efrat.
Dinner chair Mark Meyer Appel, a real estate investment banker, described a visit to
Beitar last July to meet Mayor Yitzhak Pindrus. The appointment was for 8 a.m. The secretary assured Appel that the mayor would be on time.
“What are his hours?” Appel asked.
“He works from 8 to 8.”
“From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.? That’s a hectic schedule.”
“Actually from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m.”
Pindrus lauded Ezra Friedlander for producing the New York benefit. The 400 dinner guests raised $250,000 for his fast growing city, which now numbers 25,000 people.
The mayor singled out Elie Hirschfeld for effusive praise. Hirschfeld, a standout New York real estate developer, built a much-needed children’s playground.
Pindrus was grateful to investment banker Joseph Sprung for organizing a group including real estate manager Ruben Margules, Sephardic leader Eddie Shama and real estateinvestor Ron Rettner that raised funds for an emergency medical center, and
The mayor also praised Sam Domb, MARK MEYER APPEL and Ari Noe for donating Passover food for the residents
. Domb is a major philanthropist and prominent real estate operator. Noe heads OTR Media Group, responsible for the colorful billboard all over Times Square.
Charles Schumer, senior U.S. Senator from New York, said the rest of the world is beginning to realize “what we knew all along: the majority of Israelis wish to live in peace but the majority of the Palestinians and the majority of the Arabs do not. They view the land as all theirs and want Israel to cease to exist.”
Schumer revealed the origin of his name when he said, “Hashem gave me the name shomer [guardian] and that’s been my job – to be a shomer for the United States, New York and Israel.”

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