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Saturday, March 26, 2011


(L to R: Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, Rabbi Yanky Horowitz, Mark Meyer Appel, Zvi Gluck, Dr.Asher Lipner)
On Friday March 25, 2011, over 100 people and advocates joined together in one voice to show their support for the two families that were victims of alleged sexual   crimes by Meir Dascalowitz and Nechemia Weberman.
The courtrooms of Judge Dimango and Judge Cyrulnik  were packed with supporters and advocates  in a voice of unity  as we watched  and heard the charges of the crimes of the defendants being read by the clerk.
The tension in the packed courtroom was evident to all of as we sat in silence and prayed that justice will prevail and for the healing process to begin for the victims and their families.  Many in the courtrooms openly wept and cried out loud for justice to prevail.
Looking around the room were advocates and friends who came from various communities and groups with different ideologies but were here as one voice declaring that enough is enough and we as a people will no longer sit in silence a our children are being abused in our own backyards.
The volunteers from Yeshiva University, Dr. Asher Lipner, Mark Meyer Appel, Mrs. Pearl Engelman,Mr.  Zvi Gluck, Ms. Beth Kaplan, Mark Weiss, Pinny Taub, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz of Project YES- Agudas Israel, Haim Dweck representing the Syrian Jewish community as well as representatives of various social justice groups from other diverse ethnic groups that sat together with prayers and unity to support the call for justice.

It is our hope and prayer that this united and strong showing in court will mark a a new turning point in our community’s reaction to abuse survivors and provide a new approach in providing comfort to survivors who were abused in their childhood — who lacked the support structure that current and future survivors will hopefully have. Throughout much of our struggle victims were often ignored and looked at with shame and suspicion  in a cultural phenomenon that has greatly contributed to the under reporting of child abusers in our community.
It is our hope and prayer, though, that all members of our newly united community will develop the comfort level in this justice system to view the authorities who police and prosecute pedophiles to be our allies in our sacred obligation to keep our children safe and secure.
  A special thanks to Sara Porter and Yerachniel Lopin  for all the information provided on how to show your support  to the victims   at  www.SupportTheSurvivors.org


  1. a new day for victims hope and support are comming

  2. I would like to post a special shout-out to the amazing people at SAVI TAKANOT Rape Crisis Center for Jewish Victims, at Mt. Sinai Hospital - Thank you for saving one more soul this Shabbos! http://www.msnyuhealth.org/patient-care/service-areas/community-medicine/areas-of-care/takanot-project/treatment

  3. Unbelievable Turnout !!!!
    Obviously, your wrok is begining to pay off.
    The entire community has now been alerted to the terrible plagaue and that it can be countered.
    All molestors now know that they will have to answer for their crimes. All victims know that that they are not alaone, that the entirety of the community supports them.
    And if a molestor is wrongly accused, we will shout his/her innocence from the roof-tops.

  4. thank you rabbi yakov horowitz for joining the causee

  5. For a consolidated update on the terrific Friday, see my posting: http://frumfollies.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/nechemya-weberman%E2%80%99s-unpleasant-friday-in-court-and-the-rest-of-the-story/

  6. i am really impressed that rabbi yakov horowitz joined this very important cause of supporting the victims than you asher mark zvi and rabbi horowitz

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  9. can mark appell help stop rabbi pincus webberman from trying to have these charges dropped or reduced by using his government connections

  10. Thank you to everyone who came, and all those who will come to future hearings/trials. We need you there.

    It was very inspiring to be at this gathering to support the victims of abuse. It showed the openness that is beginning to develop in our community; an openness to protect the victims. We are starting to understand that protecting pedophiles is no mitzva. We realize that we need to protect our own children, as well as those who are already being victimized! And we are doing that by showing pedophiles that they will suffer for their crimes against our children.

    It was heartening to see the number of people there. As our ranks swell, we have less to fear from the intimidation of those who harbor the molesters. They can't go after the entire community!

    In the zechus of our fighting for justice (especially Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg's mesirus nefesh), may we have the opportunity to see justice prevail in our community, and in the entire world, bimheira b'yameinu.

    P.S. I got my hat in the picture, at least.

  11. reply We as advocates are here to support the victims and families. we hope that the full truth comes out in the courtroom and will respect any outcome in this case decided by the judge or jury, however sadly there are many alleged victims that are prepared to add their testimony in the weberman case.
    mark meyer appel voj

  12. Great job, all!

    We appreciate all of the support and hard work! Let's keep up the momentum in support of survivors!

    Check www.SupportTheSurvivors.org and our Facebook page (search "Yasher Koach") often for more hearing/trial dates where you can lend your support, as well as for volunteer opportunities for you to provide chizuk to survivors.

    It doesn't take much, and we all have the responsibility to ease the plight of survivors of sexual abuse!

  13. Hi Mark,
    Beautiful blog and awesome work!
    May the people be worth your ceaseless efforts on their behalf.

  14. The chickens have come home to roost.
    Rabbi Pinchas Weberman sided against many falsely accused soon to be divorced males & now it is coming back to bite him.
    Mida kneged mida

  15. Pinchas Weberman is a menuval

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