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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Protest the Corruption of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes and Protect our innocent children! This Thursday at 11 am



    • 11:00am

  • 350 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201  in front of office of Disrict Attorney 

    Charles J  Hynes

  • After today's shocking revelations that DA Hynes has been unjustly attempting to prosecute Sam Kellner, a man who sought justice for victims of abuse by the hands of Boruch Leibvotiz, a notorious predator who has harmed many children in the ultra orthodox community, we must stand up and protest DA Hynes' actions and demand that the unfounded charges against Sam Kellner be dropped immediately. 

    As advocates for victims of sexual abuse, these revelations are disturbing for anyone who cares about the welfare 
    of children and victims of sexual abuse. Sam Kellner is a man who sought justice for his own son despite an entire community that went against him, causing him to loose his home and his job only because he sought justice.

    We have to standup to the mafia like DA of Brooklyn that puts community interests first rather than justice and demand that charges against Sam Kellner be dropped and that a serious investigation be launched into this harrowing and shocking revelation of abuse of power by the very people who are supposed to protect us.

    Join us this Thursday outside the DA's office as we stand for unequivocal justice for all people while protecting the rights of those who care about the well being of our future generations. 


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