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Monday, April 30, 2012

Brooklyn D.A. Hynes "Plays Sex Abuse Politics" With The Lives Of Haredi Children


April 30, 2012


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    “A man loves his sweetheart the most his wife the best but his mother the longest.” Irish Proverb

    The following reward is being offered by the family of Ms. Baez, a God fearing righteous and holy woman who came to New York and settled in Park Slope and Sunset Park Brooklyn to escape the sterilization policies of the 1950’s and grow and nurture her future family, a great mother, grandmother, wife and widow of a great husband, an American soldier and Marine, sister of a purple heart recipient and a relative to men of honor and integrity with medals of valor in combat still living prosperous lives both here and abroad, mother to a PhD candidate daughter and mother to Humberto Baez, her only boy and his greatest role model and inspiration.

    This reward is being offered as a result of the proliferation of the culture of cover-ups, their manufacture, the intimidation, the witness tampering, the extortions ,lies, the corruption that existed in many forms within a six year time span regarding her sons highly confidential and profitable professional career and his electability that culminated in the outrageous conduct, the assault and the ground control and deadly force exhibited against a 100lb mother and her 20lb granddaughter, both of them breathing for their lives on the floor in front of the eyes of her only son while he was subdued by an army of gangsters in Southwest Brooklyn on special orders and in return for special reward, special protections and special privileges living in error in the sight of the Almighty who sees both good and evil whose truths and lies surrounding these particular deep matters is not hidden from.

    Henceforth this reward is being offered and will be delivered by Mr. Humberto Baez who has appeared before DOI with several hundred thousand dollars in the past certainly they know this statement is true or upon his untimely or suspicious death extends to his heirs if not resolved duing his lifetime made payable to the NYC Department of Investigation c/o the most Honorable Rose Gill Hearns and the Honorable Keith Schwann of the Marshals Bureau or to whom they instruct on the arrest, conviction and incarceration of ALL parties involved in these grave injustices towards this most special of mothers and the Baez family.